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Dr Ross Sharpe MBBS, FRACP 

- Cardiac and Endovascular Interventionalist

Dr Ross Sharpe has been a consultant cardiologist and endovascular interventionalist for 19 yrs, working on the Gold Coast until 2007. During 2008 Dr Sharpe underwent advanced training in Newcastle, NSW, Leipzig, Germany and Dallas, USA.  He returned to the Gold Coast in 2009, opening his new practice at 2 Drury Ave, Southport. Since that time he has also been travelling to northern NSW and Ballina providing the full suite of cardiovascular assessment and consultation. He has a keen interest in rural and remote cardiovascular medicine. Country Echo Services was established to bring leading edge cardiac assessment to the people in country areas, so they get the same level of service and expertise as patients in the city and greater metropolitan areas. Refer to for more information on Dr Sharpe and the extended       services he can provide.

Matthew Morrall B.App.Sc.(Hons), DMU(Cardiac), AMS

- Chief Sonographer - Echocardiographer

Matthew gained a honours degree in Human Physiology and Biochemistry at La Trobe Univertsity in Adelaide and then started practicing as a cardiac scientis with the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) in 1998. During thius time he went on to complete a Diploma of Medical Ultrasond in Cardiac Ultrasound. Since moving to Northern NSW, Matthew has been very active providing Public and Private cardiac echocardiography services to the area as well as dedicating considerable time to the education of others through the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine for which he was a long serving member on the board of examiners. Matthew has long realised that regional and remote centres have a need for professional Cardiac Diagnostic services.  His aim is to provide these Cardiac Diagnostic services throughout Northern NSW, ensuring at all times a quality service that will be maintained for the long term. Matthew is excited to be working with Dr. Ross Sharpe, Cardiac and Endovascular Interventionalist to meet the needs of the rural and remote communties of New South Wales.
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What is an Echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is a test in which ultrasound is used to examine the heart. In addition

to providing single-dimension images, known as M-mode echo that allows accurate

measurement of the heart chambers, the echocardiogram also offers far more

sophisticated and advanced imaging. This is known as two- dimensional (2-D) Echo and

is capable of displaying a cross-sectional "slice" of the beating heart, including the

chambers, valves and the major blood vessels that exit from the left and right ventricle.

  An echocardiogram can be obtained in a physician's office or in the hospital. For a resting echocardiogram no special preparation is necessary. Clothing from the upper body is removed and covered by a gown or sheet to keep you comfortable and maintain the privacy of females. The patient then lies on an examination table or a hospital bed.. Sticky electrodes are attached to the chest and connected to wires. These help to record the electrocardiogram (ECG) during the echocardiography test. The ECG helps in the timing of various cardiac events (filling and emptying of chambers). A colourless gel is then applied to the chest and the echo transducer is placed on top of it. The echo technologist then makes recordings from different parts of the chest to obtain several views of the heart. You may be asked to move from your back and to your left side, so the heart sits closer to the chest wall. Instructions may also be given for you to breathe slowly or to hold your breath. This helps in obtaining higher quality pictures. The images are constantly viewed on the monitor. Images and measurements are stored digitally for permanent record of the examination and are reviewed by the physician prior to completion of the final report. Echocardiography is an invaluable tool in providing the doctor with important information about the following: Chamber size of the heart, including the dimension or volume of the cavity and the thickness of the walls. The appearance of the walls which may help identify certain types of heart disease that predominantly involve the heart muscle. Blood flow (direction and velocity). Pumping function of the heart can be assessed by echocardiography. This measure is known as an ejection fraction or EF. A normal EF is around 55 to 65%. Valve Function: Echocardiography identifies the structure, thickness and movement of each heart valve. Echocardiography is useful in the diagnosis of fluid in the pericardium (the sac that surrounds the heart). Other diagnoses made by echocardiography include congenital heart diseases, blood clots or tumours within the heart, active infection of the heart valves and abnormal elevation of pressure within the lungs.                             Echocardiography is extremely safe. There are no known risks from the clinical use of ultrasound during this type of testing. A brief examination in an uncomplicated case may be done within 20-30 minutes. However, it may take up to 45mins when there are multiple problems or when there are technical problems (for example, patients with lung disease, obesity, restlessness, and significant shortness of breath may be more difficult to image).  


Holter Monitor


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Country Echo Services will be providing a  diagnostic cardiac assessment clinic for all patients living in and the surrounding areas of:

Moree, NSW 

Narrabri, NSW

Tenterfield, NSW For directions, please refer to Google maps here. Additional locations will be added in the future For all appointment times and enquires, please call 07 55 263 684 or fax 07 55 329 890
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Frequently asked questions

Country Echo Services

Office hours :-

To ring for appointments call  07 55 263 684 Monday to Thursday 9.00am – 5.00pm Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm

Local Clinic hours:-

This will vary from site to site and depending on local needs Liase with the Office staff for you appointment time.

What patients must bring to their test

1. GP referral 2. Completed Patient Information Form.  3. List of all current medications including strength, dosage, health supplements and ‘over the counter’ medications

Billing arrangements : 

Country echo services is not a bulk billing practice.  Testing for all patients will incur fees, although our fees are always less than AMA recommendations.  DVA will be direct billed.  Pension card holders will pay a reduced fee. Our fees reflect the quality of our service and vary according to the complexity of the consultation and if additional tests are required. Exact fees can be obtained by contacting the office staff. Payment is on the day of service.  Cheques and credit cards are accepted including EFTPOS is available. Please remember that the Federal Governments ‘Medicare Safety Net’ offers financial assistance to individuals and families to help cover up to 80% of out-of-pocket non-hospital medical expenses incurred; such as consulting fees, ultrasounds, X-rays and other tests (after reaching certain claim thresholds). For more information about the Medicare Safety Net click here. 
Referral FAQ
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Phone: 07 55 263 684 (all enquiries & bookings)

Fax: 07 55 329 890 (referrals and patient information)

Postal address : PO BOX 9167, Bundall BC, GCMC 9726

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